Tips For Keeping Your Home Safe and Secure

Everyone deserves a safe home. Home security, unfortunately has become a matter which we all have to think about. Crime rates are up, in fact FBI estimates have put break-ins at around one every 15 or so seconds. That is a pretty surprising number. But don’t let it get you down. There are a number of simple precautions you can take from becoming part of that statistic. Crime prevention is all about being smart and being aware.

So how should you go about burglar-proofing your home and keeping the thieves at bay? The short and simple answer would be get a dog. A dog is not only a lovely family companion, it’s also a loyal defender that keeps the enemy out. But seriously, the dog encompasses everything you need to know about home security. Dogs sense aggression. They know when something’s not right. They will attack and bark. They act as a deterrent.

When it comes to home security you have to be smart and aware, like your trusty animal friend. One thing to consider is layering. Make your home security system like an onion, where you can peel away the layers. Thieves are getting smarter more inventive, which means your home security system needs to be comprehensive, it has to cover most possibilities. It’s easy for a criminal to bypass one single line of defense. Having more layers will slow him down and give you time to call for backup. More obstacles also makes a house a less appealing target.

An example of this would be planting rosebushes beneath windows, followed by double locks, bars and tinted window film. You may also consider moving away desks and other easy to climb furniture away from any windows, as these make it easier for a thief to climb in.

Think about locks. A wooden door with a lock is a weak door with a lock. You have to secure the entire thing. Think about frames with long screws, strike plates, heavy duty deadbolt locks with one inch throws, a heavy duty knob in lock set with a dead latch mechanism, and a wide angle 160 degree peephole mounted no higher than 60 inches. Most thieves will simply force their way into your house by kicking in your door, so be sure to take these measures and reinforce it. Take the same measures with your garage door as these are popular entry points for thieves.

Make sure all sliding glass doors and windows are correctly installed. Also, place a bar or broom handle in the sliding door track to prevent entry. Consider applying safety coating or tint to any sliding glass doors as it can protect the door from shattering.

Besides reinforcing your doors and making sure you have heavy duty, durable locks, you may want to consider installing a home alarm system. A home security system will not only give you peace of mind, it will keep your family safe. You can incorporate fire and smoke detectors as well as motion detectors to make sure that if anything does happen, you will be alerted.

Safety and Security Window Tinting

For all the reasons one can muster when thinking about getting your windows tinted either in your car, office or even your home we often forget to mention the safety and security that comes along with getting this done. If you see a professional window tinting contractor they will preach this as being one of the most beneficial ways to secure your property however, as consumers we tend to forget how much impact this can have in this area of interest.

We all know window tint can keep areas cool and improve our cooling costs for hot summers or warm climate locations in general. However, the protection that comes along with this benefit is almost just as valuable. Now that we see so many expensive gadgets being formatted to fit into our cars (GPS, television monitors, video game systems, iPod players, etc) we see the need to keep people away from our vehicles all together.

This is one of the many added incentives to getting your windows tinted. While using a car as an example is a great way to get the point across we must not forget this methodology can be applied to any window any where.

The fact of the matter is that the more we see technology advance the more we see expensive little contraptions that are easy to steal and make off with. Having window tint in place will take this idea out people’s minds simply because they can’t see what is on the other side of the glass. Most people who are inclined to steal things are not going to take a shot in the dark (no pun intended) when there is no promise of coming away with something in the end. This is what makes the security factor of tinted windows so desirable.

We all need to keep our property and personal belongings safe. Especially now that we see the world succumbing to a recession that is showing no signs of improving anytime soon and while having a security system in place is a good resolution to this issue, security window films [] can take the thought off the table before they are ever acted on.